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i3 Analytics


BioPharma Navigator data analytics platform

The BioPharma Navigator is a set of applications that charts the biopharma landscape based on Life Sciences open data, using structured and unstructured data analytics, and public / private data integration. It provides scientists, researchers, and journalists, with relevant and intuitive data visualizations, enabling Life Sciences professionals to work faster, provide critical information to their peers, and make fast and informed clinical, regulatory, and business decisions. The application maps the biopharmaceutical landscape of big data from scientific research, clinical trials and regulatory submissions.

The BioExpert Navigator allows you to look for established experts, collaborators or rising stars in a specific field of interest. The ClinicalTrials Navigator takes clinical trial information provided by the WHO, clinicaltrials.gov and other sources and allows searches in any disease area, mechanism of action and molecule being developed by any company —where they are and what they’re doing in the clinical space. It’s a tool designed for competitive intelligence. It also provides quick visualization to allow users to filter down and look up underlying source data and who’s doing what in any particular field in clinical testing. The BioNews Navigator informs the user with the latest developments, from publications and research papers pulled from thousands of sources.

F+A services included: UX/UI design, templates and implementation guidelines.

i3 analytics